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Bartholin Cyst...

Does anyone have experience of having a natural birth with a Bartholin Cyst? I recently had it drained but itís flaring up again so Iím worried about being able to deliver naturally with that and some bad previous episiotomy scarring. My midwife said it would be better for me to have a c-section due to the scarring but Iíd really prefer to go natural if possible which she said she is fine with if itís what I really want. Now I have the cyst Iím wondering will it cause even more problems? Any info would be great xxx

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I realise this thread it quite old - but I have a batholiths cyst. I had it operated on in 2008 and then had my dd1 in 2010 with no issues - I had an episiotomy when she was born though.

I went into baby 2 with a lot of bartholins cyst issues but actually right near the birth the weight of the baby in my pelvis actually seems to help keep it clear? I delivered her fine but had a 2nd degree tear which that was inevitable the midwife said due to my scarring.

Baby 3 I was fearful but amazingly I didnít tear - despite an episiotomy scar to the right, bartholins cyst scarring on the right and a straight down previous tear!

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