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Likelihood of second episiotomy

With DS I was in early labour from the Thursday until Saturday before having my son after 9 hours of active labour and 2 hours of pushing. Due to not being able to sleep properly since the Wednesday night by the time I got to the pushing stage I was already exhausted. I had to have an episiotomy and ventouse delivery as exhaustion had taken over and I was failing to progress on my own.

I was just wondering what the likelihood of having another episiotomy this time is? I would obviously rather be able to have a natural vaginal delivery as having to get assistance made me feel like a bit of a failure with my first.

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I'll share my labours but mine were like day and night!

First- 38 hours total labour, 1hr 5m pushing ended in episiotomy and forceps delivery, loads of other complications too.

Second (19 months later)- 9 hours total labour, 8 minutes pushing with absolutely no assistance.

It's definitely possible!

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I did have a second episiotomy because the scar tissue from the first wasn't properly stretching, but I read up a lot on this before I gave birth and I think I'm an outlier. Most women didn't tear/require episiotomies the second time, so it might have just been the placement of mine. And I had a third-degree the first time and only a second-degree the next time. Both times I recovered well and I just had a specialist in pelvic floors take a look at me and she said my muscles are really strong and that I can easily have more kids if I want (I don't, but it's good to know). So even if you DO have a second episiotomy, a full recovery is very possible.

I don't think you're a failure for requiring assistance at all, but if it's important to you to avoid it this time, then I bet you can! I didn't have an epidural this time and though I ended up with the episiotomy, I felt much more positive about it.

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I had forceps with my first but normal with my second. Hoping for the same this time.

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First failed vontuse forceps deliverey mild shoulder dis.
Second totally normal delivery with small graze

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Your skin (down there) is generally more "flexible" the 2nd time round. No two labours can really be compared as they can be at different end of the scale.

1st - Induction on a wednesday, had her on a Friday with a 2nd degree tear, pushing for around an hour, also had a PPH - Had every drug going.

2nd - Induction on a Saturday evening had him on Sunday morning, 1st degree tear that didn't require stitches and a graze, pushing for 9 minutes - Only had G&A.

I've read that massaging the perineum area weeks beforehand can help to soften the tissue making it more prone to stretch during labour.

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I had episiotomy first time... assisted with forceps. No episiotomy second time ... waterbirth

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