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Positive Cytotec Induction Story (En Caul Birth)

I am trying to get this written before I forget everything. I had read so many horror stories about being induced with Cytotec that I thought it would be good to write my own so that there can be another positive one out there!

I was induced starting Monday, March 19th at 9am due to hypertension & GD. One good thing to start off with was that although my blood pressure was 150/100 when I got there due to extreme anxiety, it eventually lowered down to the 130/70s where it stayed the rest of the time (even got some 120/60-70s readings)!

Anyway, they put in the first dose of Cytotec and then after an hour I could move around. I didnít really feel anything, but was checked and had already made it to 2cm by 1pm when they put in a second dose.

I moved around again, bounced on the ball, walked around, and then at 6pm my midwife came and checked me. Still 2cm, so she decided to send me home. She said we would try again Wednesday morning, but she also felt I would likely be back that night (and boy was I ever)! She didnít want to start Pitocin, considering my levels and labs were all good. Didnít want to stress me out.

So I went home. I was home and eating a sandwich by 6:45pm, and started noticing regular timetable contractions. Problem is, they were already 1.5-2.5 minutes apart! I figured it must just be how my body labors, and decided to ignore it until they got stronger.

By 8:00pm, they were feeling stronger, but I was still in denial that this could be real labor. They remained at 1.5-2 minutes apart. I could no longer talk or walk through them, but insisted on staying home (this is probably when I should have left for the hospital).

By 9:00pm, I couldnít think through the contractions. But I still said no to going to the hospital when my husband or cousin (who was another support member for me during labor) suggested it.

Finally, at 10:30pm, I felt like things were getting very serious. I started feeling a strong sensation like I needed to poop. I decided I probably should go to the hospital to try, rather than try to poop at home. (Hint- it wasnít poop!)

By 10:45pm, we were at the hospital. Like a dummy I said I would walk to the 3rd floor L&D, but of course I literally couldnít, so I was forced by my husband to take a wheelchair (I think this was the start of transition as I was becoming irrational and the intensity during contraction was SO STRONG).

After I was finally in the room, I somehow managed to go pee and put a gown on. The nurse checked me and said I was at almost 8cm!! I was beyond SHOCKED!

They called my midwife, who started on her way immediately. This was at 11:30pm. Then... suddenly things ramped up.

There was no doctor or midwife in the room, just two nurses. They were super calm and a really great presence during the last 8-10 contractions. I went from silent and collected to out of this world loud and even screaming... it was insane and I couldnít control it. They gave up trying to fit me with an IV for antibiotics because it was too late (group b strep).

I canít even begin to explain how those last contractions felt. It was insane... as if my body suddenly had been taken over. It started pushing on its own- something that I had no control over. The nurse calmly just told me to let my body do what it needed to. And it did! I screamed and writhed, and my husband and cousin were so supportive and helped keep me grounded and as calm as could be while my body was taken over by these last powerful contractions.

At 11:52pm on March 19th, a literal 2 minutes before my midwife rushed in the door, Isabeau Everlee Lark was born en caul (so neat)!!

She was SO CALM and although she cried right away, she calmed immediately and then went about starting to nurse a few moments later.

They waited for cord to stop pulsing and then my cousin cut it.

Edit: I finished this but it didnít save. Iíll finish it tomorrow.

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