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How much longer.......

FTM currently 37+2, lost my mucus plug yesterday and had steady but irregular contractions most of the day, at my OB today was checked and told I was 70% effaced, 1cm dialated at at -1 station. Having continued irregular contractions. I know itís anyones guess at this point, just wondering what other peopleís experiences have been. If nothing else it keeps me occupied to hear others stories.

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For me-
1st- started losing my plug after a sweep (I think I was 40 weeks). I was induced & gave birth at 42 weeks
2nd- Lost plug periodically from 2nd tri. Had contractions, dilated to 3cm & was 70% effaced (iirc), lots large amounts of plug. Luckily didn't come to anything and I had her at 41 weeks.
3rd- I lost some plug along the way (from 2nd tri again) and then I think I lost the whole thing while I was in pre-labour (after being induced), a couple of hours before labour started.

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