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What's your preparation?

Hello everyone! I'm just few weeks in but I already read a lot of scary stuff all over the internet about pain and long lastings births - I sometimes envy women in times before the internet

Well, to the topic - are you somehow preparing for your day D? There are various massages and birth exercises and I don't know what else but they all look like a placebo to me.

I'm scared of the moment I will be pushing the baby out and I'm trying to figure out if there is anything I can do to be at least mentally ready for that

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Relax, look into the positive birth movement and try to avoid the horror stories. Hypnobirthing (relaxation birth technique) Is a good one and you can get books and CDs as well as do classes. Believe in yourself, look into affirmations that can help you focus during the labour. You can do it.

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Ah, avoid google - stuff of nightmares! lol. Seriously though, I felt like you first time round but by the end of the pregnancy I was just so ready to stop being pregnant that I wanted baby out ASAP no matter what it took. I think wanting to see your baby gives you more strength than any preparation can. Instinct kicks in too, you just go with what your body is telling you. Second time around I did a birthing relaxation class - tbh it was nice but I'm not sure it really helped as my delivery was so quick I pretty much forgot everything I'd learned. Good luck xxx

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