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Yes Cattia you could've waited longer but the mws seem to be skittish about waiting. Want to keep their blood loss records down maybe, or get off to that next birth.

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i had the injection with ds1 and remember they had a huge rush to get the placenta out they were pulling on the cord and pressing hard on my tummy i felt kinda manhandled ( as if just having had a ventouse delivery wasnt traumatic enough ) with ds2 i insisted on not having it and DH had to actually bat the mw's hand away she was litterally an inch from my thigh with it! and we had DCC and i nursed him and it came away naturally with no fuss from the mw's after half an hour or so, was nice caus they all just stood back and let me nurse ds2 and bond without any pressure

eta.. will be not having it without damm good reason again this time and doing DCC again

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I had the injection after about half an hour of waiting, I was just knackered and asked for the injection. The injection did nothing whatsoever, I had to stand and really push it out and they pulled on it too, it was the worst bit of labour for me. I will be waiting this time!

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