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I would say my 2nd was better because it was half the time of the first one! and i had no pain relief (just g&a- had a water birth) with my 2nd and i would defo recommend this as the recovery is waaay quicker than if you have any drugs! i was sitting up wide awake and laughing and joking this time round whereas first time i just wanted to sleep for a week! My first was 8 hours and 2nd was 4hours- the midwife was right when she said it would be about half the time!

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Def agree about the rlt, I took it for both pregnancies and the pushing stage was v quick for both deliveries!! xx

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Originally Posted by Guppy051708 View Post
just subbing as i would like to hear other thoughts. I had a posterior baby, unmedicated water birth and it took 30 hours with CONSTANT back labor and 6 hrs of pushing, so im really hoping this time is much easier!
Well my water was broke this time around for 31 hours, however, labor was very different. It took about 18 hours for it to actually pick up. My water broke at 7:35am Sat. and i didn't get into active labor until noon on Sunday. It was a lot of prodominal labor. The contractions were only once every 10ish minutes. They hurt differently than with DS1...i had zero back labor! Lots of prodominal labor BUT from active labor to baby, it was less than 3 hours! So yeah, i would say it was def faster this time! Dont know if i would say easier, but def quicker!

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Yes & no.

First 26hr .. Second 6hr20min

first very healthy pregnancy, naturally went into labour.

Second high risk due to my weight, got SPD didnt go into naturally, needed a sweep.

First 10min pushing
second 15-20min because they refused to break my waters.

all in all.even though second was miles shorter, 10x more intense. i think.due to.spd hope i never get that again!

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