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Infection after natural m/c ???

Hi ladies

I m/c'd following my dating scan on 12th Feb. I had a follow up scan on 27th Feb and the sonographer said that there was a dark line on the scan which showed that my womb has not yet closed up. The reasons for this are either recent m/c so hasn't had time to heal or the start of an infection.

I'm not sure what to look out for so was wondering if anyone else developed an infection. All of the p/g tissue has passed so she didn't seem concerned and I think it was more precautionary but would like to know what to look out for.

Thank you


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I think generally its what you would expect if something was wrong with you. I.e. pain, a temprature, discharge and or bleeding/cramping/pain accompanied by any of the above symptoms, etc.. As you can will know if you are not well or something isnt right.

If you feel fine and dandy i wouldnt worry- but if you start feeling wonky call NHS 24 or go to A&E.

Good luck, it seems that since you havent mentioned feeling bad, the advice you were given might have beem just precautionary..i would however perhaps ask for guidance on having sex if you are potentially at risk for an infection.

I hope all will be fine soon and also i'd like to say im sorry for your loss (ive been there hun...)

Hugs, Omi xxx

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Hey honey - I'm very sorry for your loss. - I dont know if this will help as it's not totally the same as what you are dealing with - But I contracted an infection after loosing my twins last september. It was a mmc - I found out at a scan that they had passed on a few weeks before and had to go into hospital for ERPC.

However - the infection came on two days after my surgery and it was put down to a combination of my little ones not leaving me, and the concenquences of the surgery. I was put onto extra antibiotics and spent a couple of days in hospital as the infection had spread.

If you are concerned or are feeling any pain, have brown cm or bleed, please contact your GP in case they missed something when they re-scanned you.

Lots of love and hugs to you, and so sorry again for your loss. xxx

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After my first missed miscarriage in May, I had a d&c. Then discovered that I had an infection, as everything was not removed properly. I needed a second d&c to remove the retained products and was put on heavy antibiotics. I was experiencing excrutiating pain that was doubling me over, and passing large silver coloured clots (I was very faint too). But because I had nothing to compare it to, I thought it was normal.

Like mentioned by the other girls: if you develop a fever, more discharge, a foul odour, dizzyness, please go back to your doctor or emergency. I hope they check everything out for you soon. Take care hun. xox Sending you .

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