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Katbar-I have the C677T mutation (homozygous) and my OB doesn't think it's my issue. Despite 11 losses and recurrent bleeds in the first trimesters of nearly all of my pregnancies, he doesn't think it's my issue. Yet when I brought it up to the hematologist I was referred to (I asked for the referral because we'd long suspected an unknown clotting or autoimmune issue was at play but my tests were all coming back normal), he said it was 100% certainly, definitely, positively my issue.

I've been on high dose folate either just before or during all of my rainbow pregnancies though (I have three rainbows and I'm expecting #4 due this fall) and I haven't carried to term without it so I'm a believer.

I may have the C mutation but my husband is homozygous for the A mutation. I did ask the hematologist if this was detrimental for my DH and he said it wasn't. Our kids, however, need to be on a multi-vitamin for life (according to him) because they have one bad copy of each gene.

And most recently, I saw something about how the A mutation can also cause folate issues though it's not as well studied or as well known as the C mutation is. So the moral of my story, I guess is that it just depends on who you talk to.

As for your current situation, MTHFR could have a role in it and it may just be that you had the bad luck of having bad luck. It could be that there is something else going on too-high NK cells or a slight hormone imbalance or a bad egg being fertilized or what have you. It's so hard to know because there are so many unknowns. But if it's the MTHFR that you are most concerned about, I'd suggest asking if you could take a low dose blood thinner (baby aspirin is what I take) daily when pregnant and take a good quality, high dose folate supplement with methylfolate in it. With MTHFR, you can't take just any folate. You need the right form of it for your body to be able to use it. 5-methylfolate is the proper form and if you can find a supplement with methylcobalamine in it, that wouldn't hurt either.

If you want info on MTHFR and what it can do to the body, look up I've found alot of good info on there.

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Thanks Dairymomma! That's really interesting to hear all that, and hear about your experience. I am glad you have 3 rainbows and other on the way .

I do know that the A gene mutation does affect folate asorbtion, just not as greatly as the C gene mutation (according to what I've read, with a C gene mutation, you only absorb around 20-30% of what you need, and with the A gene mutation, you only absorb 60-70% of what you need). I am homozygous as well.

I've been on a dose of MethylFolate (L-5 MTHF) for a year now, although I am not sure how high the dose is.. maybe it could be increased.. However, I wasn't aware of this issue, or taking MethylFolate, when I got pregnanct with my son... so who knows - like you say, so many unknowns.

I have my follow up in a weeks time with my IVF doctor, and I know I'll get back the results of all my blood testing (which did look at blood clotting, and autoimmune system etc), so I might mention about the baby aspirin and see what he thinks.. He did already say that he would put me on it, if my blood work came back showing I needed it. I am iffy on how accurate the blood work will be though, as I saw someone saying about how it can be inaccurate if you are pregnant at the time (& I did the blood tests just before my D&C).

Anyway, thanks again. It's comforting at least, to be able to come on here and chat with you all!

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