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Hey all!

I'm 26 from the UK and I have a beautiful 4 year old son. (I had minor bleeding with him but a fairly straight forward pregnancy) fast forward a few years and after a dramatic situation and a failed marriage with his father I am in another relationship. We've been together 2 years and decided to try for a very much wanted sibling for George. I had my implant removed and I seem to be able to fall pregnant very quickly. My issue is keeping baby safe. January we miscarried at 5 weeks. June we miscarried again at about 8 weeks and this month we lost a third baby at about 6 weeks. My doctors are doing some simple blood tests and a swab for bv in October and I've been referred to the recurrent miscarriage clinic and my appointment is in November.
Feeling very nervous and just hope I can have more babies! It's been an emotional year. Hope you are all well and look forward to getting to know you all

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I'm saddened to hear of your loss and having loss a few in a similar way and at the same stage, I understand your pain and hope to be able to have another child. Thought I can't say that God will bless it to happen, I can say that He can, as I've had four children, two much later in age. And one of them I had after losing two in the early weeks of pregnancy. In addition to praying for peace and trusting God for the right time, what helped for me was that my gynecologist thought to do a sonogram (not just directly after the loss), but later on and he found a mass (which he then scheduled me for a curettage and removed) that was a remain from the last baby loss. The mass apparently was impeding another embryo from being able to properly form in my uterus. So, I thought I'd share that in case you haven't had a sonogram in a while after the loss of your last baby. My prayers will be with you.

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Hello Girls,
I am new and I want to share my story of 2 losses (missed miscarriage) and here back form you if anyone has faced this type of issue.
Here is my 1st loss:
I was pregnant (unexpected), I came to know at 6 weeks and went to doctor for 1st Ultrasound at 8 weeks, by this time we see that little bean and heartbeat of 176BPM and everything was good till then and for me 2nd visit at 12 weeks they repeated the ultrasound and its a shock, baby's HB was gone at 8W 2days and it was declared as Missed Miscarriage (MMC).
I waited for 2 more weeks to see it comes out naturally but no luck and doctor recommended me D&C and it was done.

2nd Loss:
I was pregnant within 1 month (planned), I requested for my 1st doctor appointment and they did 1st Ultrasound at 8 weeks 1 day, by this time we again see that little bean and heartbeat of 153 BPM and everything was good, because of my previous MMC I was nervous all the time and wanted to have one more abdominal ultrasound at the end of 9th weeks and we see there is no heartbeat and baby is dead at 8weeks 2 days it repeated again and it was one more D&C for me because this time doctor wanted to test the tissue of the fetus and we got the results back :
It was mentioned the baby is a 'Girl' and abnormal chromosome (Monosomy X) (45, X)
and doctor recommended us today for High risk doctor for further.

Please Please anyone advice/ suggest / Let me know had heard or went through(sorry) this issue and please reply me back is there any success stories for this issue.

And again I am really sorry for all of our losses and I hope we will all get a beautiful baby soon

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so sorry that this is happening to you flower52

Did you speak to a genetics counselor to see if this is something that might occur again? I know with IVF procedures, you can pay to have testing down on your embryos so that you can make sure only the healthiest embryo gets transferred. This might help overcome your obstacle. Sending hugs

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