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Originally Posted by Squiggy View Post

Squig, nope same photo. But yes we used to converse a lot back then in 2014. I feel so awful the way you're feeling babe. Even more so worried about the suicidal thoughts. You really need to talk to someone, hell I'm here I would give you my number to call me if you need someone to talk to who understands. Or to listen. I got you. you have a precious baby that loves and adores you, imagine you not there for him. How awful would life be for him. Moms are our children's whole universe. Your heart beats. It has purpose. You have purpose. If its over with your hubby life goes on. Find resources in your area that will help with the transition. Wish you were in Florida. My home is big enough. I just wish o could be there for you. You've got a wealth of support here darling. I know it all seems grim right now but trust me there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You'll make it through.
Thank you. The feelings are all over the map. It's easy to feel like no one cares when everything becomes so dark. My son has been giving me a lot of attention. I need that from him!!! He's so important to me.
I've been looking at homes in Florida for some time, it does require a lot of research, I'm from PA and I know nothing about living elsewhere. People keep saying I have to just up and run from my husband at the cost of everything. But that cost would be my son. It's not a chance I can take. He'll get me into a court and I'll be the "wrong one." I know family court!!! No justice will be done there. I've tried getting help, they turn it around on me. So I stay in a situation that destroys lives long term. He's the reason I have a mental health record, so they tried to use that against me. ME, the one asking for the help! He was never officially diagnosed and he's manipulative. So I'M the disturbance. I'm the one they investigate when HE was the one called on. Nobody's taking my son from me! And I'm not the type to know how to go into hiding.

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