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So I wrote a poem...

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of my little Jude and other angel moms and their babies!! I have been feeling pretty low and what helps me is when I write. I haven't written a poem in years!!! Something moved me to write it. You are more than welcome to share it if you feel the need to do so.

They say I should be over you
I won't be, can't be
That is something I can never do

I imagine what your laugh would have been

I think about how you would have played with your cousins and gotten along with your kin

I ponder about all the places we would have gone
The library, the zoo, parades, the list is long...

I won't ever see you lose your first tooth
I won't ever see you throw a ball at a dunking booth

I won't see you graduate or take a pretty girl or a handsome boy to prom
But know that I will forever be your mom

They don't know what they say
when they tell me to pray
To be grateful that you did not live to suffer
But I am and will always be your mother

No matter when you lost your child or how you lost your child, that little one mattered. I hate when people think that just because I didn't give birth to a baby that my child wasn't real!! That child was not in my imagination!!! Whenever I get down, I think I got this baby all to myself and he was too special for the world to know him.

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That is really nice Mamatex!! Thank you for sharing it!!

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That was beautiful and YES you are mother no matter what gestation

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thank you for sharing...hugs to you

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