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Can miscarriage be hereditary

Hi, I'm new....

I lost a baby at 10.6 weeks 2 years ago, it was my only pregnancy so far.

I didn't tell my Mum and still haven't as I was worried about upsetting her as she's had 7 miscarriages and one stillborn baby. She had to have fertility treatment to conceive my sister and had a very difficult pregnancy. Sis is 7 years younger than me.

Is there any medical basis for this being hereditary? I know my Grandmother and Greatgrandmother also had several miscarriages. I'm hoping to try again next year and am very concerned that I could go through everything my mother did.

Any advice would be appreciated.



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I was told, that NO, miscarriages are not a hereditary thing. The point to miscarriage is to bring healthy babies into the world, so it's the bodies way of figuring that out. It has more to do with you and your partner than it does your family history.

I'm not sure if that makes sense or not, but I asked my dr that question directly, so hopefully that helps some.

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I agree they are not hereditary, however there are hereditary things that can make them more likely and therefore increase risk of generation after generation having them. My mum had multiple miscarriages, and I have had a stillbirth at term and 4 miscarriages, I was tested after my daughter was born and I have a clotting disorder, so my mum got tested she has it as do all my siblings.

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I have always wondered this too.

Both my mum and sister had a miscarriage and my mum's maternal grandmother had a series of them xxx

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only way they are herodotory (sp) is if theres a problem causing them that is passed down the line.. for example iv had 4 and i have a genetic problem that is heredotory thats causing me 2 m/c.. but just one or two that happened for no reason isnt. my sister had 6 m/cs iv had 4 my other sister has had 1 and my mum had none... im the only one with the problem.

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