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Blighted Ovum - my miscarriage

Hello I have just suffered a miscarriage and wanted somewhere to write it down and process it all... This will be quite detailed so please don't read if you don't want all the sad facts oh it's going to be a long one too.

I was 8 weeks pregnant but about a week before I experienced some bleeding. First old brown blood which caused concern but after googling I thought it'd be ok so didn't rush to see the dr. Then on Tuesday I was in town with my son and while visiting a cafe's toilet noticed I was bleeding bright red. The next day I spoke to a dr on the phone and she referred me to the Early Pregnancy Unit at my local hospital. I went to the EPU on Thursday morning. They scanned me and found there was no baby growing in the sac. The EPU gave me a number to call if I had any questions, needed pain medications etc etc. We went home (husband, me and 3 year old son) and cried but kinda carried on with life, I mean I baked a cake with my son that afternoon (which might seem odd but what else do you do when you have a little un to entertain?!) I sent my husband out to buy some night time sanitary towels because I was expecting to bleed heavy.

That night at about 7pm I really started to bleed. Not like a heavy period but it was literally pouring out of me. I found some maternity towels and some maternity sheets that are used to protect the bed from the waters breaking and tried to nurse my son to sleep. I soon realised that I was going to leak all over the bed so ran to the bathroom splattering the carpet with blood. I sat in the empty bath bleeding... husband tried to reassure son that mummy would be ok while trying to keep him from the bathroom to check on me! Big heavy clots came out and I just didn't know what to do with it. Then I passed out in the bath. Scariest feeling I've ever had. Husband found me in the bath gurgling. He phoned the number we'd been given earlier from the EPU and they advised us to come in and be examined. We hadn't a clue what to do with our 3 year old. He couldn't come with us, it was getting late and we didn't want him to see all the blood. Managed to phone a mum I know from nursery and dropped him round there. Felt bad in a way for "dumping" him round there but there were no other options.

OH drove me to hospital, I was sat on a maternity sheet and had 2 towels in my pants. They didn't last long but I did manage not to bleed on the car! It was about 9pm when we got to hospital, most of the entrances were shut and it felt like there was no one about to tell us what to do. OH found a shoddy old wheelchair and we had an almost farcical trek over the car park in the freezing cold. Every kerb nearly had me tipped out of the crappy wheelchair. Anyway, got to the ward and they said can you get on the bed so I get up and bleed all over their floor. Then the nurses realised just how bad I was bleeding. They cleaned me up several times that night.

I was put on a drip to replace lost fluids. I needed the toilet at one point so they helped me onto a commode, I passed out again, my blood pressure apparently dropping to 60. I was given an oxygen mask. I passed out again later as well. Such a scary feeling. The dr examined me and said there might be blood clots at the neck of the womb causing my blood pressure to drop so violently. I had 3 internal examinations that night which are all very uncomfortable and painful to go through but they managed to remove some of the clots.

The next day they tried to get me sitting up out of the bed as they wanted me to go back to the EPU for a scan. I felt very weak by this point. I was wheeled down in another crappy creaking wheelchair, scanned again and told there was still some clots left. They advised me that the next option was either medication to help bring out more blood or an operation. Later that day I was given 2 pessaries and then 3 lots of tablets to help the rest of the clots come out. I really didn't fancy an op so I was relieved to have the meds. I was nil by mouth (food/water) for 27 hours just in case I was to have that operation.

The next day (now Saturday) they said the blood test showed my iron levels had dropped too low (to 6.4) so I needed a blood transfusion. By this point I really wanted to go home so they said I could have 2 units of blood (each unit or bag takes about 2 hours to go through) instead of 2 units, testing again and then repeating if needed (which would have required another night in hospital). I was discharged Saturday evening.

It was so scary to go through and feel emotionally and physically drained. My only "consolation" is that it was a blighted ovum. Whilst it is devastating to find out there won't be a baby after all at least I'm not mourning a loss of a baby. My body thought I was having a baby, I had cravings and so on and OH and I were planning our future out and how and when we'd tell our son etc. I feel so tired right now, all that blood loss has left me weak and feeble. I had only told 3 people (including OH) I was pregnant and so now most people don't know I have actually been in hospital. My life has changed yet most people don't have a clue (well I can't do a facebook status update can I?!)

Everyone who looked after me at the hospital were just lovely, I need to write a thank you card. I had the sweetest student nurse 2 days in a row who was just fab. Oh and if you are reading this having just found out you are miscarrying please don't think you will necessarily bleed as heavy as I did but do make sure you have someone with you or a number to call just in case.

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You poor thing, I have no pearls of wisdom I'm afraid as I've suffered a mmc which in its own way is different but I'm so sorry for your loss, you seem really strong and level headed to have accepted there was no baby except in your heart, I hope you make it through this horrible time x x x

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im really sorry for your loss and the horrible time you had

i had pregnancy tissue stuck in my cervix today and it was the worst feeling of my life. i was in agony and bleeding so much. i was nearly passing out and i was shaking. i had to be put on a drip and the tissue was removed. so i really feel for you because you went through so much worse.

i hope you are feeling ok


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Wow. This was pretty intense even just to read about.

I recently fainted after a shower, and have never seen my mate so scared. Can't imagine what yours felt to find you gurgling in the bath.

I totally understand the impulse to write all of this down, but bet you won't forget any of the events, ever.

Glad you're okay.

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Mrs Muffin
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Thank you

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