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How to tell if I'm miscarrying 'properly'

Hi ladies,
So I started miscarrying on the 27th started off brown then went to bright red. I only had cramps in that day in the afternoon. I've passed a few smallish clots and a few tiny clots but that's it.
I'm still bleeding bright red its like a light period I guess? I thought I'd at least pass a sac or tissue at least?
I really don't want a D&C but I don't want this to go on for ages. How will I know if I've passed everything? I will be going to the Dr on Monday if I'm still bleeding.
Thanks for your help.
Oh and I was only 5 weeks 4 days so super early.

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first of all, im sorry for your loss

i was 10 weeks but my baby passed away at 6 weeks. i found out on the 13th of feb, started bleeding and cramping the next day, but i didnt pass the baby until last saturday. you should see the sac i presume, i did.

every bodys different, for some it takes longer than others. you should get worse cramps just before you pass the baby too.

im sorry its not much help but its just what happened to me

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Hi hun when I had my miscarriage I was just like u and when I went for my scan I had passed everything so u might have passed it without knowing hun. Sorry for your loss xxx

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it ddepends on how old the baby was when it may just be heavy bleeding...

xx im so sorry btw

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I'm sorry for your loss It's hard to say for sure because I was further along than you when I had mine and the pain was unbearable and I saw the sac, so those were unmistakable for me, but just hang in there and try to just rest and take care of yourself - your body may have already taken care of the whole thing. You'll know at your next scan. All the best to you, sweetie!

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Hi sweetie and sorry for your loss. It was pretty early in your case, so it could be more of a heavy period. Scan in on Monday to see where things stand. I know in your case they didn't do a scan yet right? It sounds like everything is preceding normally for a natural MC. . Mine only went faster because of the misoprostol, but it's day 3 and I'm still bleeding. Hugs and lots of love

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I was about 5 weeks, I definitely spotted the sac and other than that it was like a heavy period.

Sorry for your loss.

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