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Need a short poem

I am in need of a short poem about early mc. Our wedding is saturday and I want to put out a special bouquet and framed poem for LO on the memorial table. This is what I have so far but I never gave birth to them so I am not sure it is fitting.

An Angel from the Book of Life

Wrote down my baby's birth,

And whispered as she closed the book

"Too Beautiful for Earth"

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There are some nice ones here

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There's also a website called little angels wings with poems on, some of them are not for mc and most are quite long but you might find a line or two that's fitting;

'How can I say goodbye when I never said hello, why does my heart grieve for the one I'll never know...'

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Read this one somewhere and loved it:

I never got to feel you kick
Or look into your eyes
I never got to hold you in my arms
Or hear you little cry

I never got to see your smile
Or even know your name
But you'll always be my baby
And I'll love you just the same

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