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Hormones / tests after d&c

How long after d&c were you still showing positive tests? I'm only testing to see if hormones are going down, still have strong positives now, I know it's only day 3. I just want to make sure they go negative before we think about trying again. How long should I wait to test again? I have no follow up apt with docs so they prob wont Do bloods x

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There's a thread about it here.
I checked my HCG levels about 10 days after the D&C. I was stupid and didn't check before though.
Here are my numbers-
when I was 4 weeks- I got 66
5 weeks- 678
Baby stopped developing at 7+3, D&C was at 9+3.
On day 9 post D&C I got 273.
Day 13- BFP.
I don't want to do any more blood tests, my arms are so sore, but I'm debating whether to check or not again 16 days after the D&C, or just take a HPT.
My family doctor gives me the referral, maybe yours can as well?

I'm charting my temps, and we've decided on DTD every other day for now. Yesterday It seemed like I had some EWCM, but it seems way to early. I'm getting a lot of pregnancy symptoms, I know it's the hormones playing games with me.

We've asked ourselves a lot if we should TTC right after, I know a lot of people say wait, and a lot go ahead and try. I believe if my body is ready it will stick.

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