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hey sweetie...I know how you feel to see your baby lifeless on the screen...though mine was earlier...its heartbreaking.

I hope you can get your OH to come to you...lets face it, Canada is SO much more awesome then AZ...

sending you lots of give yourself time to grieve. I hope you can try again soon!

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Yeah it's definitely heartbreaking that is for sure. I am finding the more I talk about it the easier it is. Being able to vent here helps too. It will be hard and with important dates I'll be reminded but it is what it is and it wasn't under my control. That baby wasn't going to be healthy and I would rather have lost at 12 weeks rather than 8-9 months like some women have to go through which I can't even imagine their pain. I would much rather us settle us down in Canada I need my family more than he needs his as I am super attached to mine and he really isn't so visits would satisfy him. We are definitely giving time to heal. We are thinking of trying again in the new year.

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I'm so sorry

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I am so so sorry, I know the pain well. I hope your heart heals soon and you are lucky soon

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Just wanted to offer some extra hugs hun

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Originally Posted by Laelani View Post
The image of seeing that little thing lifeless and just laying there is the worst image I have ever seen and it will take a long time to get over that.
It is. I had to see my own, too. I think it helped to process it, and accept it happened.
But still.

I'm sorry you had to go through it.



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