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Getting D&C and seeking advice, please

After beginning my miscarriage nightmare nearly a month ago, I am now scheduled for a D&C next Tuesday. I thought everything passed naturally, but something stayed behind that my doctor would like to send to pathology and also hence the D&C.

I've just started a summer statistics course this past week and let my professor know today that I will be gone for two days, and apparently these are crucial days. I am curious because the two days number comes from what I was told at the doctor. But how painful is everything actually after a D&C and how much time might I be not wanting to move much? I have until the 23rd to drop the course with no repercussions.

A big part of me wants to just drop the course and try to move forward emotionally as well as healing physically and use the summertime to spend with my 18 month old. I know she is picking up on the stress of the situation too. However, even though I am being encouraged by others (women, with the exception of my brother) to pursue that avenue, I don't know how to explain it to my husband. I don't know how to deliver an argument sound enough for him to understand I am feeling spent and I cannot fail this class and the timing has just been unfortunate all over the place.

So basically, I guess my question is what should I realistically expect after a D&C? The miscarriage was a lot gorier than I was led to believe it was going to be, and I want to know if a D&C is going to be bloody/how much pain to expect afterward. I've heard it depends on pain tolerance. I had a natural birth, so I think mine is high? And my second question is how do I make my husband understand all of this in a way that reaches his level? And that's not me putting him down, he is a smart man. I don't think he understands why I can't get over this and how this whole process isn't over and I have to see it day after day.

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I had an ERPC after a 'delayed mc'. I think the procedure is the same. I bled for 6 days after, with the third day being the heaviest. Physically it was very easy, straight after the procedure I was cramping but the nurse gave me tablets, I had no pain after that. I would describe my experience as a very easy's your emotional state that may affect your course.

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I have had 3 d&e's and 1 d&c. My d&c was after I gave birth so I couldn't tell you what pain was from what.

My 1st d&e 1 loss, wasn't too bad pain was minimal and bleeding lasted maybe at the post 2ish weeks. I had to stay over night just to be watched.

2nd d&e 3rd loss, I was okay the first day and was sent home 2 hours afterwards BAD IDEA. I couldn't see straight I had the chills I was so damn cold, I was shaking pretty bad. I went home laid down until I could see straight and was warm. Bleeding picked up the next day and pain in my belly was horrible. Turns out I had an infection and was put on meds for infections and to help slow down the bleeding.

3rd d&e was so much better. I went home the same day but I wait at least 6 hours to make sure I was okay. I wasn't bleeding like the prior procedure. I was a tad sore but no where near as much pain like the last one.

I have kids so I am sure that played a role in my healing process. You do not want to over do it give yourself time to rest at least 2 days and take it easy for at least a week. I resumed normal daily activities day of my procedure but I did take it easy but with kids you can not sit down and relax.

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I found out our baby had passed on 28/05/13 and had the ERPC 2 days later on the Thursday.

I didn't have the procedure until late at night (emergency case in theatre delayed my procedure). I lost double the amount of blood they expected me to and it was late so had to stay over night.

No pain afterwards just a little uncomfortable. Minimal bleeding.

I was discharged Friday lunchtime and felt fine physically. Bleeding for about 5 days after which was light. I'll be 3 weeks post-OP tomorrow. I am still testing positive for pregnancy which is sad.

I should have been having my 12 week scan tomorrow and I would have been 13 weeks and 3 days so that's hard.

Check out my journal (in WTT) or inbox me if you want to talk or if you have any specific questions.

Sorry you are going through this I know it sucks xx

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I wish I had had a d&c this time but didn't. I used to assist in them and have worked in about 10,000 cases, I also had one when I was younger at about 12 weeks. D&Cs are done in 5 minutes, you can stay awake if you want which I prefer, the bleeding is usually heavy for a few days to a week with residual about 2 weeks from the time of surgery. I went back to school within 2 hours after my procedure. Some women take that day off but usually you won't need to miss anymore than the day of the procedure - physically, emotional side is different. Since you have remaining products and not a full pregnancy, the surgery will be much easier on your body as they will not need to dilate your cervix very much.

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I had an ERPC on Monday evening, went back to work Thursday, some pain - usually when I have overdone it, light bleeding mostly. Emotionally it really helped as an end point. This was an IVF pregnancy and had to wait 2 weeks for the procedure, am glad it is over and would definitely go for the surgical option again!

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