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I thought I was coping.....

.....but i'm not convinced I am.

We had a miss carriage confirmed on Thursday 13th June, when hcg bloods had gone down below five, finally started bleeding on the 14th (still bleeding now). I cried for the day before we had confirmation, the day it was confirmed and teary eyes but no crying since......until today!

I woke up feeling really low, thinking about the mc etc. had a crappy day at work too, spent most of the day close to tears and burst into tears on dh after work! I feel lost and confused

I don't know how to feel or how I should feel. Dh is just getting on with everything but i just feel drained and down.

I also don't know if still bleeding now is normal?! My GP has been crap through this whole thing!

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Hi Hun, I'm sorry for your loss
Are you bleeding, or just spotting? I think it would be OK if you're still lightly spotting, it should be over any day now. How far along were you? Have you talked to your doctor about the bleeding, or to make sure everything is out?
It's normal to feel up one day and then a mess the next. It didn't happen that long ago, and sometimes all it takes is a bird chirping, or a smell, or the feel of a blanket- and everything goes haywire.
After my D&C I felt great emotionally for the next 3 days. The I just woke up. Literally WOKE up. Some days are better than others, some are much worse, but it gets better, I promise.
Have you taken days off from work? Just you time to heal?
Go out on a date with your DH, do something special, you both need each other more than ever right now

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There is no right or wrong way to feel. You just have to let the waves come as they do. Some days are better than others. I am a very strong person but hormones sometimes take over. Some women have post-pardem depression after an m/c because the hormone drop is so quick. I am 3 weeks out from a complicated miscarriage and today was the worst day I have had. I just did not want to deal with anyone.

I will say, most of my complications were due to a doctors mistake. This has made things much worse. My anger toward the doctor has greatly outweighed my saddness with the miscarriage - which was hard enough since it was the 2nd in three months. Please remember, our doctors work for us and I fired mine. I live in a small town so this was a hard decision b/c there are only 2 ob/gyns but it was the best decision of my life. Luckily I really like the other doctor.

Regarding how your body should be reacting. Bleeding with a natural miscarriage or misoprostol is longer than a d&c. I am still bleeding now. I will go days with only spotting then I will bleed for a few days. It can last anywhere from 10 days to 6 weeks. However, you can get an ultrasound if you are bleeding too much or if you think you have any retained tissue which could lead to infection.

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