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Higher risk for mc if you conceive soon after losing a baby?

I have a very close friend who has recently had a miscarriage. She miscarried at 11+5 on June 1st. Her doctor told her to wait 2 cycles to TTC and 2 weeks to DTD. She and her DH have not used protection this month and she's now worried that if she's pregnant, she's at a higher risk for another miscarriage. Does anyone have any information on this or relevant experiences? She wants to get pregnant as soon as it would be safe for her to but is reading conflicting information online. I really appreciate any input.

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My doc is asking me to wait two cycles b/c I had some complications with my miscarriage. It really all depends upon how well the uterus has healed. The most important thing is that your friend should not feel like it's her fault if something goes wrong. If a pregnancy is strong it will survive. If something is wrong it won't. I honestly believe that if she falls pregnant right away it's b/c her body is ready. Many doctors do say to try right away so there is no exact science - it's all a guessing game.

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I got pregnant the first cycle after MC and lost that one as well.
I do NOT believe it had anything to do with it being "too soon". These things happen for a reason. If my body wasn't ready enough, or healed, I wouldn't have been able to get pregnant in the first place.
There are some cases (molar pregnancy for example) where you are told to wait 3 cycles, but your doctor will tell you that.
You'll find so many stories online, both going each ways. There really is not "right".
There will always be worries

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The only reason the doc advises to wait a couple of cycles is purely for them so they can have more of an idea of cycle date and due dates. I conceived 6 months to the day of losing our baby girl at 18 weeks and have a healthy happy amazing 1 year old.

Love and hugs to you all xxx

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for me I say yes. I had 3 healthy babies, 3rd one nearly killed me. I then had 3 miscarriages back to back sept 2011, jan 2012 and June 2012. No reason for why I have had some testing done on me all came back fine. My 3rd loss was an early 2nd trimester loss and testing showed she was a normal baby girl. I know some women go on to have healthy babies soon after but it's not a risk I think anyone should take the heart ache is too bad.

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Unless there have been specific complications that could cause issues, the only reason to wait would be so you have a period first to enable dating if you get pregnant straight away.

Studies done a couple of years ago show that pregnancies conceived within 6 months of a m/c seem to have slightly better odds of being healthy. I don't know why.

Obviously don't go against medical advice if there is a real reason for waiting like uterus damage needing to heal or an infection or something.

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Because the lining of the uterus will be thinner after a MC and/or D&C there can be a higher risk of another MC bit I know a lot of girls that had healthy pregnancies right after.

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I hav heard this, but I have also heard you are more fertile after a MC, which prove right for me. I had a MC in January, got pregnant again in Feb, I'm now 20 weeks and 3 days with a healthy baby girl xx

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I waited two cycles and have found that after 4 now, my cycles are shorter than they used to be. If you're suddenly having a short cycle where you used to have longer ones (mine went from 5-4 days), lining may not be ready to carry to term. I'd also ask myself what were my periods like before? If they're over 35 days, there's something off. Under 25 days, something off. What's my luteal phase? Is it too short for the baby to implant? Charting for a month or two and doing opk's can help you figure out what's going on. After my MC, I was tested. Thyroid stimulating hormone, prolactin, U/S to check ovaries. All normal. My cycles have been 31 days, 25 days, 28 days, 28 days.

Sometimes though, I feel I waited, did the right thing, and kind of missed my window. I'm on my third cycle TTC now I went by my OB's advice and waited a cycle and then my husband thought we should wait one more. I personally think one cycle is good...for one thing if you go for it that first month, it's got a high chance of being anovulatory anyway, so then you get upset when you get the bfn. And if the OB can't properly date you because you technically have no clue when your last AF was (MC AF is often irregular to the norm), then you go Ballistic when they can't find a HB next time because it's too early, but you didn't know that.

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