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where to begin? maybe tmi

First time here dont really know what im looking Does anyone ever get any real answers?
have been trawling the web since my mc 29/6 haven't slept haven't eating barely existing only for the fact i have 2 boys 12 and 7 i dont think i would be here.
My pregnancy went perfectly right threw till 12 weeks went to dr on the friday to confirm started spotting on the monday was referred to epu on tuesday the dr there done the scan and said everything looked fine baby was active and good heartbeat told me to keep an eye on the spotting if it got heavier than a period to go back over,the bleeding did not change it started to taper of, on the thursday night i started shivering really bad then getting cold sweats thought i was getting the flu took 2 paracetamol on friday morning all was good still had the flu like symptoms and a bit of abdominal pain no more bleeding.
went to bed on friday night same thing with the hot/cold shivering sweats.
got up saturday morning visited mum who lives 3 minute drive away had a cuppa and a chat she told me i looked an awful colour go home and back to bed she said which i planned to do as soon as i got home i felt a single stabbing pain in my abdomen and knew straight away what was happening as i heard and felt a pop.
I made it to the bathroom and just caught my baby in my hands i waddled in to the bedroom where i could lie down as the baby hadnt fully came out yet, mum arrived after phoning her, the baby came away and was not attached to anything just had the cord hanging, there was no blood on the bed just a dark watery stain not even a cup full bleeding didnt start till about 10-15 min later and there was lots of it went to a&e as i hadnt had my booking appointment yet maternity or gyne wouldnt see me, after they kept me over night and done a d&c.

So know i have been looking up about things i have never even heard of before and trying to get answers p/m was done within 2 days but wont know results for up to 6 mths and sometimes longer the dr said.
I suppose im trying to blame it on everything but myself as i have 6 sisters and 3 brothers and 26 nephews and nieces no mc in family history
although i am the only 1 out of the family who had a leep procedure done.
really sorry if this is to long but i am not a talker and have not spoken to anyone since this has happened

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My goodness that sounds like quite an awful experience! I am so very sorry for your loss. Having been in the miscarriage boat before and am currently waiting on a D&C appt for a mmc I found out about on Tuesday, I can tell you it's a rough spot to be in. Like you, there isn't a family history of unexplained m/c yet I've had 7 losses so far. I'm really struggling this time because this is my first 2nd tri loss and it's really hitting me hard. I'm not eating, not sleeping, and I get mad all the time because the doctors don't seem to be caring about me. But I get through each day by putting one foot in front of the other and I know, having gone through this six previous times, I'll survive this time too. Right now, I might not feel that way but as long as I'm breathing, I'll be okay. Someday. I bought a dozen pink roses because they always make me feel better. Despite the thorns in their stems, the blooms bring so much beauty into the house I can't help but smile when I see them. Perhaps if you found a talisman of some kind. As I said, I use roses to cheer me up but I know someone who keeps an angel pin in her purse as a reminder of her angel babies and another friend has a butterfly pin on her jacket as her way of remembering her 'butterflies'.

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sounds terrible im so so sorry...

im thinking maybe you had a infection in your fluid since you felt horrible...and that is hard time know..most dont know till the fluid pops..

but im no doctor...that is a we always try and find answers...

nobody should of had to go what you went and your family are in my was NOT your faulT!