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Just wanted to come over and sympathize. I'm so sorry for your losses ladies. I live in Texas, the worst of the worst states in terms of coverage. We are covered, but the deductible is insane...we own a small business and just barely had enough full-time employees to get the crappiest of crappy group plans.

My OB actually didn't want me to get a D&C in part because of my deductible since I would have had to eat part of the $5000 cost. Healthcare is always about profit now. Funnily enough, though I felt my hands were tied with the misoprostol route ordered by my OB trying to "save me money" (I wanted to go completely natural, but my baby didn't want to come out and 2 weeks had gone by since the 8 week no heartbeat scan)---my OB ordered countless tests that we paid for out of pocket later because we had no clue they wouldn't be covered. I had my levels tested to 0 FOUR times because they wouldn't go down, my thyroid and prolactin was, in my opinion, unnecessarily tested...

The culprit of my MC was pretty obvious. My husband was one and done since our son was born 9 years ago and therefore, I took the morning after pill within 12 hours of a pull-out attempt gone wrong. When I got sick in the third week, since I never would have thought I'd get pregnant on the MAP, I took Dayquil and Advil for the cold. And yet, I was given test after test and my levels had to be watched though we made it clear we were waiting an AF or two anyway.

I'm absolutely DISGUSTED by the experience I had with my OB who for all these high fees still herded me out of our office to drive home ALONE after the no-heartbeat MC--about 5 minutes afterward. Husband had meetings that day and I didn't expect to be scanned anyway.

So, just wanted you to know I can really relate. I already believed in universal healthcare like the Canadian/British/Australian models, but now I REALLY do!!!!!

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