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Poem to our little baby M

Hello all.

Hope you are all coping well under the circumstances. We had a MMC found out on our third scan at 12w5d and he measured 11w1d
Im slowing coming to terms with our loss now which I never though we would. today we planted a beautiful rose bush and flowers surrounding a small grave stone with words on it saying 'our precious baby. we barely knew you but will miss you everyday'
I have also put our three scan pictures into small individual frames on the wall next to a framed copy of a poem I write for our baby. I think these things we have done in memory of him has helped me heal and I wanted to share this with all the lovely people going through the same as us on here.
Take care everyone

A precious little miracle that we can call our own,
We planned for you and watched how you had grown.

We saw your tiny body and your heart beating great,
I thought this was our time that this must be fate.

Our love for you was so unbelievably strong,
We were so positive but God how we were wrong.

The third scan arrived and we couldn’t wait to see you,
What a shock we experience that day and we was so blue.

The man turned and said to us you had stopped growing,
One week and 4 days smaller and by then I should have been showing.

I cried and cried thinking how could this be,
Our precious little miracle that we will never got to see.

Daddy turned to me and dried up all my tears,
I thought I could never continue without you in the following years.

By Friday I was in hospital which is a day we’ll never forget,
The day we truly lost the baby we never met.

My tummy is so empty without you inside,
When you left us that day a part of us died.

January was the month you should have been due,
The 10th day would have been your birthday too.

Tears have shed and we know our hearts will never heal,
All we know is how we feel.

You where our little miracle that we prayed so hard to keep,
But now you have grown wings and watching up high as we weep.

Rest in peace beautiful baby and until then,
The day we get to meet again.

Mummy and Daddy love you so much.
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I am in tears after reading your poem. It is beautiful...

So sorry about your loss. Ive had 4 miscarriages and can truly understand the pain you are going through.

Sending you lots of hugs xx

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So sorry for your loss. What a beautiful way to remember your angel baby.

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