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3 weeks since D&C

Lost my baby on the 21st of June, had a D&C the 25th June. Just waiting for my AF to arrive, don't think until it comes I'll realise I'm not pregnant anymore. I just miss it... My baby was growing as it should, but on the 21st thats when it stopped growing and thats when I started bleeding, I didn't start passing clots until the 24th and that's when I realised I couldn't handle the natural route which I wanted so decided to go through with a D&C. Still very hard to get my head around When I was pregnant I found my sister was also pregnant too, which at first I was upset about but eventually liked the idea. Now I've had a mc and she's still pregnant it's really hard because everyone in my family is always commenting on her bump and I never really had one I'm just jealous I think, but I hope my time will come eventually. rant over

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Hi Hun

BIG to you hun I know exactly how you feel

I had my DNC on the 26 June, so I will be 3 weeks post DNC tomorrow and I'm still waiting for my AF also.

Perhaps we can hold hands as we go through this difficult time together and wait for our rainbow baby

Have you tested to see if all the HCG has left your system? - mine left me on Sunday it was a bittersweet moment when I tested and got a negative.

Also I temp do you? - Your reaction to your sister is completely normal hun - it's called grief.

It will get easier hun until then be kind to yourself


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I took miso on 6/7 which did not fully work. I then also had a d&c on the 25th. This past Friday my sister delivered her son. I get how you feel. This was my second m/c since April.

Once my HCG hit 6 I got what I think was a very light AF. My temp dropped and I had really bad cramps but was only spotting pink blood. It could be that I did not develop a healthy uterine lining b/c the d&c was done to remove the blood build up there and the left over tissue, could have been a heavy ovulation. If I get AF next week I will know it was ovulation, otherwise I will assume it was first AF. Limbo is the worst. I really just want a normal look AF and to start trying again. DH and I decided next month we will begin again - at least NTNP.

Sorry for your loss. It's been getting better for me but had a bad week this week. I love that I am an aunt but it made me a bit sad as well.

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