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Natural miscarriage - only bled for one day

I was told a fortnight ago that i would have an inevitable miscarriage as my HCG dropped to 23 and my cervix appeared partially open. They said i may of already miscarried back on 9 Sept when i thought i had a normal period. (very odd cycle) and the hcg was decreasing afterwards. Anyway 6/7 days ago i bizarrly ovulated and so currently on 5/6 dpo. Anyway yesterday i started to bleed and so was confused over whether it was my miscarriage (assumed it was) or possibly implantation bleeding

It started at 9am and was just light red bleeding up until 8pm. I only used one sanitary pad but was bleeding more when wiping (sorry if tmi). Then in the evening i felt a gush and bled heavier with clots. I passed about 5 clots in total with one being a larger one than the rest about the size of a 50p piece.

Since 11pm last night i have just bled lightly on wiping and its not really touching the pad. I didnt have cramps throughout any of it
I have not bled today, just a little watery red on wiping but its stopped since about 5pm to nothing now

Is this normal ?
Shall i just assume it was my MC (i would of only been about 4 weeks)
Also i was charting my BBT and it dipped to 36.17 yesterday but went back to 36.34 this morning


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that is quite plausible for a miscarriage if you were only about 4 weeks, I didn't have any real cramps during my m/c either (though I do have a high pain threshold and took painkillers) just more of a slightly uncomfy pushing/pressure feeling and I was considerably further along than you were; I have heard that for some it can feel worse than labour pains but that wasn't my experience (thank goodness the bleeding was upsetting in itself to deal with). It may well be you experience a bit of on-off bleeding in the next few days; but if nothing else comes that could well be fine also.

Soph x

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