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I am cautiously pregnant as it might be ectopic. my hcg levels were very low but doubling ...5.75, 17, 42, 133 but now they only jumped to 165.

I take 200mg progesterone suppositories and unfortunately my level only went from a 2 to an 8. Doctor wants me to come in for a long ultrasound Friday to see where it is, hopefully they can find it. I read that hcg levels need to be around 1000+ to view it on an ultrasound. Is this true??

Can anyone explain to me how they look for the embryo?

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Ectopic pregnancy experience (on-going)

Hi ladies,

I decided to start contributing to this forum because I know what we are going through is pretty uncommon and there is not much information out there.
So here it goes:
- Dec 27/28 2017 tested positive on pregnancy test
- Jan 5th started bleeding, very heavy with bad cramps
- Jan 9th had my first gyno appt. did blood test and us. Nothing showed up on us made the dr think it could be early mc.
- did a 2nd blood test few days later came back higher, but not high enough for a normal pregnancy
- after a week got a 3rd blood test done, again higher but not high enough, so the dr concluded that it is ectopic
- Got a methotrexate shot on jan 24,2018 hcg was 1219
- Jan 27th Day 4 hcg went up 1487
- Jan 30th Day 7 hcg went down 1240
- Feb 6 th hcg 586
- Feb 15th hcg 243
- Feb 21st at work around 3 pm after lunch had a severe lower abdominal pain similar to labour pain went all the way to my butt. Very bad rectal pain and pressure. DH and I dropped my son to my moms house and rushed to ER. They did regular basic test blood pressure, temperature, hcg and hemoglobin test. My hcg dropped to 174 and hemoglobin was not low enough to conclude Fallopian tube rapture. Also did us to see some fluid build up in my uterus again not enough to conclude any rapture. I was kept in the ER that night for observation. Regular IV and pain killer with anti-inflammatory was given with the IV. In the morning, everything was normal blood pressure and hemoglobin level were stable and i was sent home. I was told to take tylenol extra strength whenever I felt pain.
- Feb 27th, 2018 my hcg dropped to 129
- Feb 28th, 2018 again really bad lower abdominal pain, mainly on the right side and rectal pain and pressure. Took 2 extra strength tylenol. Extreme pain lasted about an hour and mild pain still exists. I have a dr appt tomorrow and lets see what she suggests. I didn't go to work from feb 22nd until now. Continuing to take tylenol extra strength every 4 hrs.

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I'll tell my story encase it helps anyone as well.

Feb 7, 2018 found out I was pregnant- light test that slowly progressed
Feb 15-20 started bleeding heavy lost all symptoms, figured I had MC
Feb 23rd started having symptoms again and took another test came back way darker then before. Called my dr who told me to go to the ER because it could be Ectopic. Went to ER and they couldn't see anything and HCG came back 165, they ruled it as MC.
Feb 26st HCG 357
Feb 29th HCG 536
Mar 5th Saw Dr and he thought it might be still be ectopic, but I wasn't having any pain so he wanted to wait and see.
Mar 8th Had US which still didn't show a sac anywhere, but did show a large fluid build up in abdomen and a small cyst on right ovary.
Mar 9th Went to ER with extreme low right abdominal pain. Had surgery a few hours later. My right tube was extended and I was bleeding internally. He was able to remove the ectopic pregnancy and scar tissue that caused it and still save my tube in the process.

The only other symptom I had was really bad bloat that caused pain, which looking back now I don't think was gas pain at all but that's what it felt like.

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