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How long for hcg levels to drop after a miscarriage

I had a miscarriage at 6+2 on Tuesday and am still bleeding. Waiting on my HCG levels to come back. I want to start trying right away but was wondering how long it usually takes for levels to drop back down.

Also, I read somewhere that first time pregnancies are most likely to end in a miscarriage. Is this true?

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Sorry for your loss. They typically say do a pregnancy test about 15 days after mc and should be negative x

I'm not sure on stats about first time pregnancies and mc tbh xxxxx

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I'm sorry for your loss!

It can vary. When I had chemical pregnancies my HCG had dropped to under 5 before I even started bleeding. When I had a blighted ovum and miscarried at almost 8 weeks my hcg was down to zero in a weeks time. I had an hcg level of 1306.

I, too, have heard that as well! I did miscarry my first pregnancy back in April 1992.

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My levels dropped within days of passing the baby. 6w3d was when I lost my last pregnancy. I can't remember exact amount of days but it was less than a week for levels to be at 0. I fell pregnant within three weeks of the levels dropping with no cycle between and am now 23 weeks pregnant. So hold on to that hope! I have also heard it's common to lose a first pregnancy. I lost my first pregnancy as well. Than I went on to have two babies, than my loss in July and now this baby. I'm very sorry for your loss. It's never easy and words are never enough but you are not alone.

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I miscarried two weeks ago and my pregnancy test is still a faint positive. UGH. It was my first too.

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