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D&C suction for miscarriage - polyps too?

I had a D&C on December 23rd for a missed miscarriage... going in I knew that I had multiple fibroids and 3 polyps. The doctor said that there is a chance that the D&C (suction) removed the polyps too, but because it is a blind procedure there is no way of knowing until I have a sonohystogram in a few weeks. I plan to get them removed before trying again if they are still there. I am very impatient and have been trying to find some information online about my chances of the polyps being removed with D&C suction but haven't found anything in my search. Has anyone been in the same situation and what was your outcome?

Thanks for reading.

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I've never heard of this. I have fibroids and have discussed having them removed, but they never mentioned it could be removed by suction. Only with surgery. But maybe polyps are different...

I hope you get some answers. And sorry for your loss. I've been there.

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