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could i have miscarried

We have been TTC for a while. We have recently agreed to hold off due to getting married this year just until we are married. 5days ago i went to the clinic to sort out contraception. I was given the mini pill and told to go back in 4weeks for a 2nd pregnancy test. The one they did on the day was nnegative and she said it would be ok to take the mini pill during the 4weeks. Yesterday i started bleeding very pale pink and lost some pink fleshy tissue stuff this morning iv woken to brown / pale pink bleeding with loads of fleshy pink tissue the pain is running from the bottom of my back into the tops of my legs. Iv just done an asda digital which flashed yes and then the screen went blank.
Could i have m/c a very early pregnancy?
Should i try and get into the doctors or just wait and see how things go?
Going to get another test as im not convinced the asda digital is that reliable with it just flashing and going blank.

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Hi Debbie, I'm sorry to hear this you must be very anxious to know what's going on. Personally I would try and see your GP ASAP as the bleeding could either be related to the hormonal changes that come with contraception use or like you said it could be related to an early pregnancy. Equally I would be very tempted to do another HPT as the test result you had with the Asda digital test would be driving me crazy.. Good luck and keep us posted xxx

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