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3 MMC and now pregnant...what do I do?

Over the last 13 months I have had 3 MMC.
Christmas 2015 12 weeks, baby was only 8w5d
April2016 9weeks, baby was 8 weeks
August 2016 13weeks, baby was 9w 4d

I have 3 children, 18years, 6 years and 20months.

My Dr seemed like it was one of those things when told I had miscarried for the 3rd time in a row (whilst I was in UK visiting my dying mum-from Australia).

So this morning i tested and am pregnant again. Only 2 weeks.....and I am terrified. The last MC in UK I was rushed to hospital with blood loss and shock. I am scared it will happen again I was so scared ( I will renew our ambulance insurance today)

I need some advice...
I want to change Doctors. What do i say to new Dr to get her to take this seriously and to help me try to prevent a MC as far as I can prevent one?
I have seen other threads talking about aspirin. What dose and how often is it being taken?
I am starting to get fit and lose weight.....this can only be a good thing right?
Should i cut out caffeine completely? How do i deal with the withdrawal?
Mostly I need to know I am not alone and that I am strong enough to get the answers and support I need fro my Dr.
Does anyone have any advice or tips on. How to be taken seriously?

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Hello Kellze, I'm so sorry to hear of your losses but congratulations on your recent BFP.

Firstly, as hard as it is, please try as much as you can to relax. I'm not sure what the guidelines for referral and investigations are like in Australia (I'm in the U.K.) but certainly over here all recurrent miscarriages, classed as 3 or more, should be investigated. I would advise you to equip yourself with as much information as possible in terms of the medical guidelines over there and go into your doctors confident in the knowledge that you know what you're talking about and what you are entitled to. Try to do that as soon as you can to put your mind at rest?

In the meantime try to relax, I cut down on caffeine but didn't cut it out all together, and exercise in moderation- don't over do anything. I've heard about taking baby aspirin but have never been recommended it myself and am too worried to take it without medical advice, so can't really help there.

You're not on your own, we're all here to support you. Sending love and hugs and everything crossed for your sticky bean and rainbow baby! Xxx

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I think seeing a new doctor is a good idea and while there isn't much s/he can do in terms of preventing a miscarriage, they can guide you as to your exercise/nutrition and any medications that might be appropriate (or even refer you to an obstetrician).

I'm in Aus too (Melbourne).. have you tried calling PANDA...sometimes just someone to listen is enough.

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