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I think I miscarried

I need some help, I had my period on Jan 19, it lasted for 6 days which is not usual for me, I had some pretty bad cramping to the point I had to take a midol which I normally don't do. I do get clots but never often, I had two large clots come out when I wiped and this was after I had been cramping a lot that day. it would go from bleeding light to heavy. I have a few friends telling me I might have miscarried when I didn't even know I was pregnant, I am on the pill. Can anyone help me to understand what happened? Or am I just going crazy and they were just regular old blood clots.

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If you consistently take your bc and weren't on antibiotics or anything that might interfere with its effectiveness, and your period was on time, it's unlikely that you were pregnant. Many things can make you clot more during a period. But honestly there's no way to tell if you actually were pregnant unless you have a positive pregnancy test.

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