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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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HCG Detox?

I had a MC two weeks ago, at 11 weeks, but baby was only 6 weeks. My HCG got up to 19,000. I still have a faint positive when I do a pg test.

Does anyone know of a way to detox the body of the excess HCG? I was thinking of doing castor oil packs since I stopped bleeding about half a week ago. I know those are good to help rid your body of extra hormones. I do believe they helped me get pregnant in the first place.

Does anyone know of any other things I can do to detox my body of it?

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Is your doctor following up with you at all? Mine followed my levels to 0 which takes time. There's really nothing you can do to make it go faster. If it doesn't go down, your doctor can help you. But again, it is something that simply takes time. It can take over a month or more for HCG to become negative. My first miscarriage, my levels hit zero quickly. My second took longer. I'm sorry for your loss.

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