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How long did you spot/bleed after a chemical pregnancy?

I think I am having an unconfirmed chemical pregnancy?

I had sex in my fertile window, but didn't test as I wasn't really expecting anything to happen. (My husband and I have been having unprotected, infrequent sex for 2.5 years -after our first child- and nothing has come of it.)

I started having spotting on the 14th December, and thought my period was showing up. When it didn't arrive on day 2 of spotting, I took a test which was negative. I looked at my calendar and see that the spotting started a week after my period was due (period was due 5th Jan).

I'm freaking out because everything I'm reading is saying it should be like a normal period but a bit heavier, but this is not what is happening to me.

I spotted brown to red from the 14th-19th of Jan, had a light period from 20th-24th Jan, then no bleeding for 5 days, then brown mucus once a day from 2nd-8th Feb and still going...


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I've had 2 chemical's. For me, the bleeding still lasted the same as a normal period but the first & second day it was much heavier and clotty.

I was definitely confirmed pregnant via hpt's but they started getting lighter every day until the bleeding started.

Sorry you are going through this

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Bled like a regular period for 4-5 days. First 1-2 days heavier than normal.

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