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How long should I wait until I try again?

This is my first pregnancy and it was planned. I was almost 11 weeks and I had a really bad experience at home and at the hospital during the miscarriage. I am finishing up my last few months of college. I am unsure if and when I should try again. Since I am RH negative, I am afraid to try again even though I did get the shot I'm really scared to have another miscarriage. I really want a baby. I'm married, 26 and a few months away from graduating and I feel like I can't just keep waiting for the perfect time because it will never happen, there will always be something. I feel like I'm ready to be a mom but I wonder if I am mentally ready and financially. I have medical insurance but 2 ER visits, two nights in the hospital and a weekend D&C put a dent in the savings and I don't want to dip into the savings for my husband and I's future house. When I was in the hospital, they should have given me a D&C right away after it was clear my body didn't want to do it "naturally", but they let me bleed for a couple days and sent me home. I had to beg for the D&C. I'm so angry because it ended up costing me more money, time and pain. They should at least have given me the option after I returned the 2nd time in extreme pain.

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If and when you feel ready again just try again. I had an induced miscarriage the very last week of June 2012 because even though I had bfp's nothing was growing in my uterus so Iniped to induce miscarriage to move on. Once the bleeding stopped we immediately tried again and I got pregnant again right away and everything went great. As long as you feel mentally, financially, and just ready you can try again.

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From my experience, wait as long as you need... youll know when the time is right when you start thinking about wanting to try again. After my first miscarriage, we hardly waited a month but after that second i needed quite a bit more time so as each pregnancy is different, each miscarriage is different as well. My advice is never give up... my odds were 1% after 3 in a row but now i have a toddler. Took nearly 6 years but if it could happen to me, it could happen for you too. Dont worry about the financial part, that stuff works itself out in time, life adjusts around a new baby. Best of luck to you and your partner.

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I didn't even wait for a cycle after my second miscarriage. Fell pregnant immediately without a period in between and I'm now 31.5w pregnant with my little rainbow baby if all continues to go well. Whenever you feel emotionally ready. That's when you know it's time. I also miscarried my first pregnancy but waited two cycles than fell pregnant at the third cycle. She is now heading towards 8 years old. Hugs to you. I hope you get your rainbow.

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I'm sorry you had such an awful experience. Don't stress the financial stuff love, you just make things work. As for trying again my doctor told me after mine that there was no medical reason *not* to start trying again immediately, and even my Mum told me that when she miscarried her first she became pregnant again (me!) straight away, before she even had another period.

I personally waited one cycle before ttc again but that was PURELY for the purposes of dating. I didn't want to be umming and ahhing over how many weeks I was and worrying that my hcG was too low

The right time is when you feel that it is.

I also have Rh Negative blood but I don't believe this had anything to do with my miscarriage. My Mum has it too and she had 4 healthy pregnancies.

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