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PCO after miscarriage?

Hi everyone,

First of all I would like to offer my condolences to anyone who finds themselves on this board. I am so regretfully here myself.

I suffered a miscarriage at 7 weeks in late Jan. It passed without any medical intervention and my only follow up was two ultrasounds, one immediately after it happened and one two weeks later to see if all tissue had gone.

I decided to count the first day of bleeding as CD1 and thought I may ovulate approximately 2 weeks after. I started using OPK's around CD10 - not to ttc but rather to see if my body had reclaimed itself and was doing what it usually would.

Bang on time I had a positive OPK on CD14. This also happened to be the same day as my 2nd ultrasound. When I had my follow up Dr's appointment the next day she said to me "Oh! You never told me you had polycystic ovaries!" and I was like.. "Um, I don't?" According to the ultrasound report, my right ovary had a 'polycystic appearance' and I was scheduled for another ultrasound, after my next menstrual period, whenever that would be.

What I want to ask is if anyone has had an ultrasound - post miscarriage or otherwise - around the time of ovulation who has NOT got PCOS but also had 'polycystic appearance?' Like, could it be due to ovulation itself?

(For the record my period came on time, 2 weeks later but I never went for my follow up ultrasound. This was for the simple reason that my post-miscarriage bleed was SO HEAVY that I am positive any remaining tissue would have come out, also after being poked and prodded and internally scanned and examined during and immediately following mc I was 100% DONE with it all and simply couldn't face it again)

My cycle is 28 days, on time, every time. Is it possible to have such regular cycles and have PCOS? I am SURE that it was down to ovulation. Eek. Anyone have a similar kind of story to share?

Once again, so sorry for everyone's losses. Typing with crossed fingers for happy and healthy pregnancies for us all!

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