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Weird symptoms/pain after early miscarriage

I recently miscarried at five weeks, but it's all been a bit weird, and just looking for some advice. I had a scan on the day I started bleeding, as I was in a lot of pain on one side, and the scanner said it looked like I was mid cycle. I have no idea what this means and she didn't elaborate, other than to inform me that I wasn't pregnant anymore(she is horrible, and was the same person I had the last time I miscarried). Tests had already gone negative, although was still getting some positive tests, then negative, then positive again. My HCG level was 12 at the hospital.
I only bled for one day properly (with clots etc), then light spotted for another day.
Since then I have been having a lot of nausea (although have been having anxiety which can make me feel like that), and have still been having pain in one side. I've also had a full feeling in my uterus and a lot of pain in my hips. I did have a hsg scan a couple weeks before falling pregnant and I'm a bit worried I might have an infection in my uterus, although I have no weird discharge etc. Just pain. A tiny part of me wants to think I could still be pregnant, although I know really that's impossible. I'd be eight weeks now. We'd been trying for a long time so I've taken it quite hard. It's just really sad.
Anyway, if anyone has any clues please let me know. I'm trying to avoid going back to the hospital or doctor as I've had enough of them for a while! X

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I'm so sorry for your loss. I've had several due to a clotting issue and it's rough.

As for your pain, I'd go back for a followup scan and another blood test. I know you don't want to but if you are still having pains as you describe, it's possible you had/have an ectopic pregnancy that wasn't seen on the ultrasound at that point. The most common symptoms are spotting, low hCG, and one sided abdominal pain. I don't want to scare you but ectopics aren't something to mess around with, especially at this point when you could be at risk for a rupture. It's also possible you have some retained tissue and that needs tending to in order to prevent infection.

In my opinion, terrible ultrasound techs and doctors aside, it's best to get checked out just in case. Better to go in and find out it's nothing than not go in and find out it was something drastic.

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