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So confused, chemical pregnancy?

I'm so confused right now. I don't know if you will be able to help me, but maybe this happened to someone here...
So we are a same-sex couple trying to conceive #2. Our first LO was very easy, it was at-home insemination, BFP on our first try, everything went perfect and now we have a very active 2 year old.
We decided to go for #2 in January, so we went to a clinic and did an IUI on a spontaneous cycle (only took trigger shot) but it didn't work. So we tried in February with a medicated cycle. I had two follicules. At 10dpo I had a faint positive (and it wasn't the trigger shot because I tested until I saw it leave from my system). 11dpo I took a clearblue digi and got the "pregnant 1-2" and I thought this is it! Great! Yesterday, at 12 dpo, still 2 to 3 days before AF was supposed to come, I started bleeding. First I thought it wasn't nothing, but I kept bleeding and bleeding the entire day. Today I'm still bleeding a lot, like heavily. This is a weird bleeding, because it has no clots and no dark blood, only pinkish and bright red blood, and it's very liquid, unlike AF would be. All my pregnancy tests come back positive, I even took another digi today (13 dpo) and still got the "pregnant". My doctor told me to go get blood taken to measure the hCG, and it came back (today) 18 mIU/ml. My doctor told me to repeat the test on Saturday, but also said that this was very likely a chemical pregnancy. But I'm so confused. Evryone says that a chemical pregnancy usually delays your AF one or two days. Why did I start bleeding before my AF was due? Is this bleeding AF? Shouldn't I have clots? How do I know when I should try again? Anyone had anything similar to this? What was the outcome?

Thank you for reading!

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Hi there! Unfortunately, I have no answers for you, but I am going through a similar experience and would like to piggyback on this thread if that's alright! My boyfriend and I are not, nor have we ever been, TTC but around this time last year I found out I was pregnant. I know my body very well and knew something was up and that I would get a positive result before testing, but I took three at home tests anyway and (surprise, surprise) they were all dark, clear BFPs! I was SO excited. I am not comfortable getting into the details, but at around 8 weeks I started to get really sick and by week 13 I had lost our baby. Absolutely gutted, I carried on thinking it was some brutal form of a blessing in disguise because I had only just met my boyfriend and at twenty years old, I was pretty sure I wasn't ready anyway. But ever since then I've been... lazy, I guess I'd call it. I haven't been actively TTC but I have done nothing really to prevent it, either. I haven't been using any form of birth control, just tracking my ovulation and menstruation times closely and pulling out (sometimes). If we are being honest, I think part of me is trying to get pregnant again. Don't tell my bf though Anyway, the last three months I have had very regular periods. 30 day cycle, unwaveringly. And before my pregnancy, ever since my very first period as a teen I have been plagued with horrible cramps and VERY heavy bleeding. Occasionally I get moody, but other than that I have never experienced any other PMS symptoms. Just heavy flow and cramps so bad I pass out without pain medication. This month, however, has been very different. My boyfriend came inside of me on the 14th (my fertile days started until the 17th, ovulation day should have been the 23rd ish??) and then again later that week, twice. So we did have unprotected sex during my fertile window. I started having "symptoms" almost three weeks ago, which was odd because, like I said before, I don't get PMS symptoms besides cramps and heavy flow.. so usually I feel nothing until the day I start, or sometimes the day before, never early like that. The next odd part was that my breasts were very tender and almost doubled in size, with very visible blue veins. I have been having horrible lower back pain, cramping, fluttering in my uterus, headaches, INSANE fatigue, soooooo many crying/angry spells, increased appetite, constipation, heartburn and bloating/gas. So, although these are very normal PMS symptoms- they are not normal for me!! On top of all this, I have that "feeling". I just get intense waves of nostalgia-like feelings of back when I was pregnant. I didn't have any spotting or implantation bleeding, but I was still pretty convinced. I took two tests last week but both were BFN. I was so sure that I would miss my period and then- bam! Right on time. On Monday night my cramps got worse before bed and when I woke up to pee, there was boood when I wiped. It was not pink or brown like implantation bleeding, but it wasn't as dark as usual and typically when I first get AF it literally gushes out of me when I first use the bathroom (tmi sorry!!) and there was hardly any, not even enough for it to drip into the toilet. I put some tissue to line my panties and carried on with my day, it never got heavy enough to fill a pad or tampon, but it was definitely red blood. The next day it got a little heavier, but again it is nothing like anything I've had before. There have been very small clots and a very small amount of liquid blood. It feels like 1/4 what I typically get. And my boobs are still very large and tender, and I still have that overwhelming "feeling" that I can't describe. I guess it could be that I'm overly hopeful, but I am not imagining these odd symptoms! Should I go get a blood test done to be sure, or would most people say this was probably a chemical pregnancy??? I've read that some women still bleed during the first couple months? Sorry for the novel.. responses needn't be nearly as long! Any help and hope is appreciated :/

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