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Reaccurant for the 3rd time and have questions

Just lost my third baby.
Now they want to do testing.
Ive suspected a progesterone deficiency for some time now. But they would never test it, not even while i was bleeding before LO passed....but now they are offering it.

Anyone have experience w reaccurant MCs and the testing to expect?

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I had tons of testing done. We've lost 5 babies. I go on progesterone every pregnancy now and also one baby aspirin!

All my testing came back normal, the only thing I didn't have done that they wanted to do was a hysteroscopy where they look at the shape of my uterus to look for deformities that could cause recurrent loss. I didn't have it because I fell pregnant right away and that pregnancy resulted in dd2 (progesterone and baby aspirin) and then we thought we were done having babies and I fell pregnant again while on birth control and immediately started progesterone and baby aspirin again!

I hope this helps I'm so sorry you are going through it.. It's devastating!!

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Sorry for your losses .

I had my third loss in 4 months a few weeks ago, and am also wondering about all the different testing that can be done...

I did do blood testing (still waiting for results, which will be another 2 weeks away) that cover off thyroid issues, blood clotting and I believe one or two other potential issues. My doctor believes it will all come back normal though, and is more doing it to "tick the boxes' so to speak.
We did also send our last miscarriage tissue away for genetic testing, but again, have a few weeks to wait on results of that.

It's a weird situation to be in, in the sense of being scared of something being wrong, but then scared of the testing showing nothing as wrong.. I suppose it's somewhat worse to not have an answer, as then we can't really fix whatever is potentially causing the miscarriages..

Anyway, big hugs to you! I hope there are brighter futures ahead for both of us .

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Hi Ladies,

I have also had 3 mc. I had to change doctors and am very happy with my new OB. My last mc was 17 December 2016, and it really hit me hard. I had to have a D&C as well.

With my last checkup in March, they discovered a polyp. This will be removed in June and they will run a bunch of tests to see if anything can be found. The doctor does suspect that I have sticky blood as I have high blood pressure and am insulin resistant. He is 99.9% sure and will do the testing to confirm. He will also test thyroid, progesterone and estrogen. I have had hair loss, and hair growing on my chin, for a few years now. That normally happens with estrogen dominance. Once confirmed, apparently it is easily treated with baby aspirin or injections, depending on the severity.

At a loss at this point though. I just want my rainbow. I do have an 8 year old daughter, who is my life. But she keeps asking dh and I for a sibling. And we also want another little person in our lives. So scared of another loss, but we have to keep going.

I look forward to being on this journey and seeing everyones story.

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