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Dropping and increasing hcg levels

Ladies I need help, I'm confused. My hcg levels are dropping then increases. I'm supposed to be 5 weeks plus according to my LMP. I did an hcg test on Monday due to spotting and mild cramping and they were 720, Wednesday 640, Friday 790. My OB gave me cyclogest from Monday which minimized the spotting but it still there. OB wanted Dnc today and I refused, I'm still hoping for some miracle. What are my chances, deep down I know it's not looking too good. We having another blood test on Monday

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My pregnancy before my current one, I had HCG levels that went up and down. It was ectopic. It had to be treated medically with methotrexate so my tube didn't rupture. Unfortunately, HCG levels that don't double normally and bounce up and down randomly are not a good sign. I'm sorry you're dealing with this.

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I hope you get it sorted. My first pregnancy was like that, it turned out to be ectopic, I ended up in surgery. Not to scare you but please be careful and listen to your doctor. Unfortunately numbers that aren't doing the right thing can be a warning sign. Sending big love, it's a tough time xx

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