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It's Okay, If You're Not Okay

After my loss, I was so tired of people telling me that I needed to be positive. I didn't need that. Not then. I needed to process and move through whatever emotion I felt as it came no matter how long it had been. I needed people who gave me the time and space to grieve in my own way. I still need that even now more than a year later. When we finally conceived our rainbow, I was in a deep, dark place. I didn't need to be positive for it to happen. That pressure and responsibility that society puts on you just isn't so. I happened upon this article, and thought it summed that whole process up nicely:

Just wanted to drop in and say whatever it is you're going through, whatever it is you're feeling, we all get it, we've all been there, and we all still stand with you as you navigate your own darkness in your own way

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