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Having anxiety after D&C

Hi ladies!

So I just had my D&C this morning. The procedure went well and the doctor said everything was fine, except apparently there was a lot more bleeding than usual because my cervix didn't fully close?

Anyway, my question is whether anyone knows/has heard about the rates of scarring/negative effects on fertility from D&C's? My doc said the risk is less than 1%, but online I've found rates as high as 30% for MMC. Plus one of my good friends had a D&C, and went on to have 3 miscarriages so I think that is freaking me out.

I know only time will tell, but just looking for some reassurance (or reality checks!)

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If it's your first d&c, the risk of fertility issues is about one in 300 as it was explained to me, so very small. It increases a bit with successive ones. But I would really try not to worry (I know easier said than done) and just focus on taking care of yourself right now.

Heavy bleeding is very normal. Everything I read seemed to say the bleeding would be light, but mine was really heavy. I've actually read that heavy bleeding (assuming it's not due to infection) is your body just continuing to clear itself out on its own, which is good in a way because it means they didn't completely scrape all the uterine walls. It's all that scraping which can cause scarring and adhesions, so if there is still more to expel, then in can be a sign they've been a bit more conservative.

I was worried as well and very stressed about getting my cycles back. I had my d&c a month ago now, had bleeding for about 10 days, am pretty sure I ovulated on day 15 (all signs were there and had two days of positive opks), and like clockwork have gotten my first period 28 days later, and so far so good everything seems like it's right back to normal. I'm 36 so not exactly young and time is ticking, but I'm feeling much more confident that everything will turn out fine.

Those first two weeks though were really stressful and emotional though. You've gone through a really overwhelming experience, never mind major surgery so just go easy on yourself for a bit. It's normal to worry but try your best to stay positive. It does get easier and the worry will likely ease in a bit.

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Nikki I am sorry for your loss. I had my 2nd D and C on April 11th. Today I met with a specialist and asked this exact question. He said that although there is always a chance of complications with any surgery D and Cs are generally safe. He suggested that I have a sonohystogram test completed, where they put dye in your uterus and check for scar tissue, if I wanted to be sure.

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