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Miscarriage at 4 weeks, bleeding for almost 5 weeks

My last period started on 4 April.
On 23 April (Monday) I started spotting. It was a week before my period was due but it's not entirely unusual for my periods to be a bit wonky so I just figured it was an early period. But around the same time my boobs started hurting a lot. I don't normally (ever) get breast tenderness with AF. The only time my boobs hurt is when I'm pregnant. So on Thursday I decided to do an hpt just to see. It came out with a really definite positive. I was still spotting though. Not a lot, but it would come and go. Initially I thought it maybe had been implantation bleeding, but then the bfp was so strong and definite I thought surely I couldn't only be 3.5 weeks pg, maybe I was actually 7 weeks (I know some people continue to get af during early pregnancy and my previous af had been somewhat lighter than normal). So I went for a blood test. It came back at 188 (12dpo). Definitely too low to be 7 weeks, but spot on for 3 weeks.

But I continued to spot off and on. Then on the Wednesday (3 May) I passed like this big pink gelatinous mass. And ironically that morning was the first morning I'd woken up not hungry (I'd been so starving in the mornings the previous few days I'd occasionally found myself raiding the fridge at 4am which is totally unlike me). My boobs also felt less sore. I assumed I had just miscarried. I went for another blood test that Saturday (just over 1 week since the last blood test) and my results came back at 388. Higher than the previous week, but certaintly nowhere near the 2000 they should have been if they'd been doubling every 48 hours like they should have. I took that to confirm that I had indeed miscarried on the Wednesday like I thought.

I continued to spot. The next Thursday (11 May) I had the most intense cramps. Very much like I experienced after my first birth / loss at 24 weeks pregnant. I figured this was the official "end" of the pregnancy. I started passing clots and bleeding more like a period.

But it's now 2 weeks later and I'm STILL bleeding. It's not heavy - I only change my pad once a day and only for freshness-sake. It's by no means soaked. At times I feel like it's tapering off and think "yay, it's finally over". Then a few hours later it all starts up again. Then a few days later it changes to brown blood and I think again it's finally finishing up, and then it goes right back to red blood and starts up again.

I took an hpt 3 days after the intense cramps. It was still positive but definitely lighter. I did another 1 week later - still positive but very faint. I'm considering doing another tomorrow again to see if it's finally negative.

I've made an appointment to see a gp on Monday to discuss what's happened and get her thoughts. And I've booked a pap smear at the same time just to be sure everything's normal there.

But has anyone experienced anythign similar? I could kind of understand this ongoing bleeding if I had been further along, but it feels weird to mc for so long when I was only 4 weeks pg when it ended. I have zero pregnancy symptoms anymore.

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Hi. I'm suppose to be in my 5th week and waiting to start bleeding. I have no idea what to expect. I've heard bleeding can last a couple of weeks. Sorry I can't be much help. Sorry for your loss.

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