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Recurring loss after 3 healthy kids

I'm 23. I've been pregnant 9 times. Only 3 successful pregnancies! My youngest daughter is 4.i had a miscarriage 3 months before I conceived her. I started ttc march 2016. After that I had 3 miscarriages then in January I had an ectopic pregnancy my tube was not removed and they also did a d&c. Four months later and I'm now going through another miscarriage. All before 8 weeks gestation. I have no problem getting pregnant. I've fallen pregnant with all of them on the first try. All of these pregnancies are by the same man. So I know we can have children. I just don't know what's happening and how to stop it. They won't do testing because I have 3 kids with my husband. Has anyone been through this? Was it a problem that could be fixed? I know my progesterone isn't the problem it's always right on track but my hcg is almost ALWAYS low to begin with. Highest being 160 at 6 weeks! I really want our rainbow baby! I just don't understand what could develop later in life that could cause this!

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Hi, I'm so sorry for your losses, I had 3 children, followed by a chemical and 4 miscarriages including an ectopic which resulted in loosing my tube, I was put on baby aspirin with this one as soon as I got bfp as I caught before seeing the rmc and it seems to have done the trick. Sending you many hugs as it's so hard xxx

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