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Placental abruption at 25w2d

First and foremost I'm sorry for everyone's lost as I too am a mother who suffers.
I lost my son 2 days ago at 25w2d from placental abruption. This was my first time being pregnant, me and my fiance were very Happy. I saw my doctor regularly had 3 ultrasounds throughout my pregnancy and everything seemed normal. I took myself the ER a few times for things I didn't know about (i.e spotting after sex around 10w, not feeling baby move as much as before about 23w) All my test came back normal. 2 days prior to me losing him I had stomach pains. I initially took them as round ligament pain or trapped gas due to body changes. The day before I lost my son I had pains and didn't wake up feeling too good. I went to work and the stomach pains continued. That evening I went home and laid down. Throughout the night the pain from bad to worse (every 3-5 mins lasting about 30-60 seconds) I eventually ended up going to the ER.
I've never had cramping til now nor did I bleed anymore after my initial ER visit about the spotting. I was hooked up to machines with a temperature of 103.7 and the baby heart rate was elevated. Approximately 25 mins after arriving at the ER my water naturally broke and my son was coming. As the team is struggling to keep his heart pumping the doctor is telling me that it looks like placental abruption. There was no blood in my amniotic fluid just between the placenta and uterus. Don't know what caused and it was nothing I could've done to stop it once it starts.
Its an everyday struggle but we're managing. We've decided we want to definitely try again. But how soon is too soon? Does anyone have a success story? Did it happen to you again? What changes were made in your next pregnancy?

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I'm so sorry for your loss, it must be so hard, especially so far into the pregnancy, and to happen so suddenly.

As to when to try again, everyone is different. I'm in a different situation than you as I lost my baby at 9 weeks and had a D&C 2 weeks ago. We've decided to try again right away, I just want to be pregnant again as soon as possible. I'm also older, so that's a factor too for me.

Lots of people want to take time to grieve and just regroup after a loss though, and that's fine too!

I don't know if you have an increased risk of another placental abruption, has your ob said anything?

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I am so very sorry for your loss.
My story is not placenta abruption, but a sudden loss at 22 weeks. I also had healthy appointments, normal blood pressures and perfect scans. His heart just stopped and we found out during a routine scan that it was over.
Right now I will tell you the grief and the loss you feel is going to be intense, the next few months are going to be hard and you are going to go through so many emotional swings. If you need anything I know a great secret FB group that I can add you too. We are very supportive for those moment when all you want to do is scream and cry.
my son was conceived after IVF, so we decided to do another round right away about three months later. I don't think my body was actually ready for it, I was still getting cramps with my uterus getting back to normal, I was still grieving in my soul and crying almost every day. I lost the second one shorty after getting pregnant and wish that we had waited for my body to just adjust back and too get in a better head space. It was too much to bare.
When you get pregnant again remember there was nothing you did or what you could have done to save your little baby. You didn't do anything wrong, this is not on you in any way. This wasn't your fault. Unfortunately things like this happen. It isn't fair.
Again I am so very sorry for your loss. There is nothing that I can say that will make any of this better, but just know you are not alone in this pain. If you need anything send me a message.

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