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Recurrent mmc and advice needed re testing for RL

I've just found out I've had another mmc. I went for my nipt test/scan and was supposed to be 12 weeks but only measured 10w5d with no heartbeat.

The bit i'm really struggling with is we had great scans at 7w, 8w and 10w2d. So the baby died only 3 days after I saw them bouncing around on screen with a strong heartbeat and measuring exactly on dates.

I also had a mmc in Jan at 9 wks (baby measured 6 wks) and a mc at 5 wks in Oct 16.

I am booked in for surgery on Tuesday.

Does anyone know how soon after a loss you can have testing for repeat losses? We feel our only way forward is possibly ivf with genetic testing as I'm now 39 and bad egg quality seems to be an issue.

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Hi Bluefairy1

I am so sorry for your losses.
I know how hard RM can be. I just had my 5th loss on Friday.
I have been through RPL testing. I was told I had to wait for 6 weeks after my last MC before testing began. This is so your body is back to normal before bloods are taken etc x

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I am so sorry for your loss. The exact same thing happened with my 3rd MMC. Baby measured on target at 7 and 8 weeks and at 10&2 baby measured 10 weeks and I was told there was no heartbeat and the dr doing the scan could tell from the NT measurement it was probably Down's syndrome (I was only 35 at the time). And it was confirmed by testing after the D&C.

After that loss I had tests about 6 weeks later for karyotype, thyroid antibodies, clotting, NK cells, 3D of uterus, vitamin D, prolactin and ovarian reserve.

This time I also had NIPT at 9 weeks which came back low risk but i am still terrified of another MMC. Big hugs.

We were also recommended IVF with ICSi with PGD but I decided to try naturally one more time. Now every day is scary but I am praying everything is ok.

I hope they find answers for you and that your rainbow is waiting for you.

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