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Mmc 7 weeks and medical managment

I just wanted to share my story

This morning I went in for the 2nd stage of medical management.
I've previously been through it 9 years ago before I had my son it was very painful as I was 14 weeks and I wasn't warned about the pain.

This time I was so nervous due to last time I spent the last few nights crying and have been unable to function I was assured it wouldn't be as bad. I was admitted at 8am for the tablets to be inserted I refused the internal painkiller as I was worried it would give me upset bowels as it did after labour. I had to lie back on a lounger for 40 minutes. After that I was told to walk the period pains started straight away i had one paracetamol and used a heat pad on my tummy. This was all I needed where as last time I needed morphine. I passed the sac at 10.50 am not long after the start of the process and was discharged 40 minutes later after begging to go home ( I have anxiety about people being sick and someone was with the pain)

Other that loose bowel movements which I'm told is totally normal and will pass soon I feel so much better than I have for weeks.

Anyone who is worrying about the treatment please don't keep active use heat pads and pain relief if needed. to anyone else going through this.

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