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Booked for D &C for Monday but mild contractions aready started

Hi ladies
Im really worried
This is my 1st miscarriage.

Im booked for d and c surgery as i feel its best for me but hospital dont do it over the weekend so I have to wait it out till monday.

im starting to have very dull back contractions and am scared i will miscarry at home. Bleeding like periods . Sorry TMI but bleeding is not too heavy . pad changing only once a day. No clots . Im 9 weeks and light spotting began 5 days ago.

How possible is it that i will miscarry at home and if so please any advice to cope with pain.

Im still soo so sad emotionally. I dont think i can cope with natural miscarriage.

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Mum (Mom)
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I am so sorry you are going through this. You can try taking pain medication. Just rest a while. Hopefully you won't miscarry at home. But if you do the pain will be over once you miscarry. I'm so sorry ):Lots of hugs.

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