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Originally Posted by cathgibbs View Post
Thank you ladies. You are all very kind and thank you for your input �� the D&C took 2 hours as I lost a lot of blood but 2 weeks on I'm feeling ok apart from a slight infection. Work has offered me counselling which I'm taking as I'm starting to find it really hard and don't want to talk to dh about it as my mil is currently battling breast cancer so he has so much going on.

Can I ask how much NK testing with Dr Sehata was?

We are awaiting the results from the testing which should be back in 4 weeks so hopefully find some answers and considering paying for karotyping testing.. I don't know what testing is left. Promising to hear of your stories but heart breaking to know we have to suffer so many losses first xxxz
I got the karotyping on the NHS after my 5th loss, the cocked up my d&c and couldn't test the foetus so offered me karotyping instead. Probably cos they felt so bad.

You can see Mr Shehata on the NHS for nk cell testing so no cost involved, I would get a referral in asap because his appointments are now booking into march.

I can't believe your d&c took 2 hours, it's a 15m procedure . Xx

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I'm so sorry for your loss.

I hope your appointment with Mr Shehata comes through soon.

We had four early losses before our two year old was born. I didn't have the NK cell testing but had the other NHS tests (and a few others like homocysteine) and everything came back negative. I had acupuncture and went on the Response trial in the UK testing a new G-CSF medication. No idea whether I got the active drug or placebo, something worked although it felt like it would never happen. It's heartbreaking to go through multiple losses. Hope you get your rainbow soon x

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