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Feel numb

I found out I was pregnant at the start of the week, came as a shock as I had been on the pil but was excited nonethless.

Told my mum who was furious and all weekhave been so stressed with it all, have never experienced stress and anxiety like this. So much so that I doubted whether we could go through with the pregnancy and I now feel horrible for having these thoughts.

Yesterday I woke up and had some red blood in my underwear, this got worse as the day went on and by afternoon was heavy with clots and terrible back pain and cramp. Iím still bleeding red today although not so heavy.

I didnít want to attend hospital because Iím due to go on holiday with my little girls tomorrow and didnít want to risk being told I couldnít go as my kids are so excited about it.

Iím rambling but what Iím wondering is, is there any possibility of still being pregnant after all of this? I feel so numb and confused as this has all happened so quickly but as this is the first time this has happened to me I just donít know if there is any possibility of a pregnancy remaining after all of this

Any advise would be helpful xx

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I'm so sorry you're going through all of this. I'm not sure of the chances of still being pregnant, but will you have a chance to go to the doctor?

I hope you are taking care and not blaming yourself. Doubting a pregnancy is completely normal - especially unplanned. If this is a miscarriage, I hope you have support from someone.

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I had this last week too and it ended up being a chemical pregnancy i really hope this isnt the case for you x sometimes people bleed in pregnancy. If it is a chemical pregnancy tests will gradually get fainter until bfn but you should go drs just to be safe x

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